Social Media

In the world of social media, you can build a brand, create relationships and communicate with your target audience. But which channel is right for your company and how do you reach through the static to connect with your audience? We’ll help you tailor a solution from strategy and activity plan to analyzing the metrics from your campaigns.

See our examples below.

Campaign on social media

In Coop Norrbotten’s membership campaign, we wanted to describe more clearly what a membership at Coop actually means. For the younger generation, we also wanted to clarify the meaning of a cooperative. We created #medägare which is a play on words between “member” and “owner”. The campaign aims to raise the positive aspects of the membership and how it differs from other grocery stores by becoming a co-owner.

The digital campaign ran on social media where we communicated why people choose Coop as their store and what the points can be used for.

Social media content

Some assignments involve taking full control of content on social media on the respective platforms, whether it concerns building a brand or selling products or services. For some of our clients, we photograph and film as well as adapt the content to the appropriate channels. Here we also handle sponsorship of content and advertising.

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