3D & Animation

Do you need to film something impossible, like a bird of prey in flight or a bullet passing through a shooting range? Then maybe 3D and animation are the solutions for you. With the help of 3D graphics, we can convey your vision in a realistic and effective way, especially things that cannot be visualized in real life.

AI without AI

Luleå University of Technology wanted to make a film about AI, and we wanted to create something that really stood out. But what do you do when you don’t even have access to the AI itself? And what does the digital reality of AI actually look like? This is how we visualized it.

From static to moving

Animation can bring static images to life. Take a look at what we did for Luleå University of Technology to create a little extra feeling.

A fictional bird of prey

When we made the brand film about Norrbotten Distillery, we worked a lot on the details – but how did we actually manage to get a sitting buzzard to fly? It’s not without a touch of magic!

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