Claes Isaksson
Connected Events
[email protected]

Conny Veräjä
Graphics Designer
[email protected]

Daniel Engberg
[email protected]

Daniel is the copywriter with assignments for clients such as Filmpool Nord, Galären and OK Norrbotten. He happily travels a hundred miles to get the best story and is a master of social media.

In his spare time he tries to learn to play guitar with his daughter and cooks for family and friends. He’s also a professional football coach in the Swedish 3rd division.

Elin Boström
Art Director
[email protected]

A responsible creator who always has a expert solution in the making. In addition to fantastic design, Elin is known for structure and organization is all her projects.

An illustrator with insatiable passion for food that makes her our very own food stylist.

Emelie Fabricius
Production Manager
+46 70-390 27 00
[email protected]

Emelie is a driven production manager and organizer with a kind of sixth sense attention to detail that gets both large and small projects of the ground. She has a background in consulting with a focus on accounting and finance.

She loves interior design and happily spends the winter/spring weekends in the mountains.

Gabriella Maria Takino Lundholm
Graphics Designer & Illustrator
[email protected]

Gabriella is the designer from Brazil that delivers creative solutions at high speed. With a keen eye for detail, the end result is always of the highest quality.

Snowboarder and martial artist with a background as a professional triathlete.

Hanna Stridfeldt
Creative Director, partner
[email protected]

With extensive experience from Forsman & Bodenfors and an eye for detail Hanna is a responsible Creative Director with a holistic perspective and a magician when is comes to building brands.

Originally from the south she thrives when she can works on various projects simultaneously, and loves to visits the best island in the world – Öland.

Jakob Lind
Creative Director & Client Manager, Stockholm Office
+46 70-30 500 36
[email protected]

Jakob has a background as a freelance journalist with assignments all over the world. Today he is the creative director for Yours in Stockholm. With engaging ideas, he’s always searching for new perspectives and creative solutions.

Still traveling as soon as the opportunity arises and loves surfing and scuba diving. He also collects books and art.

Jan Palo
Senior Advisor
[email protected]

With over 50 years in the media industry, Jokke delivers advice and invaluable knowledge in all things concerning advertising and media.

When he is not at Yours, he works with non-profit associations in the cultural and sports world, including as chairman of Luleå Basketball Center.

Magnus Höggren
Creative Director, Film
[email protected]

Magnus is a conscious and trend-sensitive creator and film producer who has worked with digital channels for over a decade. Over the years, Magnus has worked with brands such as Sony Ericsson, Nike, Adidas, Goldman Sachs and Virgin.

A father of three with a light camera obsession that is most comfortable in his Birkenstock.

Niklas Räävi
Web Developer
 / SEO
[email protected]

After finishing his degree in web development, Niklas became a web developer at Yours in 2016. He’s a wizard when it comes to front end development and solver of problems both big and small.

A self-proclaimed tech geek who enjoys films and good food and also volunteers at the social services in Luleå.

Oskar Norberg
Project Manager & Web Developer
+46 70-655 00 00
[email protected]

In addition to being a partner at Yours, Oskar works as a project manager, web developer and is the head of the agency’s IT department.

Oskar has a background as a professional snowboarder and today he is the head coach for the Swedish national climbing team.

Patrik Öhman
Graphics Designer
[email protected]

With over 30 years in the communications industry, Patrik contributes with routine, commitment and skill. An effective creator and problem solver with great sense of responsibility.

He spends his time spare time taking pictures, fishing and listening to music.

Per Westerlund
Connected Events
[email protected]

Richard Wikström
Visual Art & Film
[email protected]

With an expertise that is unique in Sweden, Richard delivers 3D animations and advanced retouch. He has previously worked with some of the world’s largest car brands and at Yours he contributes with innovative ideas that make a difference and create success for our customers.

When he’s not at work, he pumps iron or fixes things around his summerhouse (and look at beautiful horses of course).

Tobias Öström
CEO, Media Strategist & Project Manager
+46 70-858 32 32
[email protected]

Tobias is the media strategist with expertise within in target group analysis, media strategies, planning and consulting. A combination that results in communication that makes a real difference.

Family father who likes to spend time in the forest, on the climbing wall and in the powder snow.

Vanessa Cicero
Senior Copywriter
[email protected]

Vanessa is a purposeful creator and copywriter who delivers brilliant ideas and texts to screenplays, magazines and complete campaign concepts. She also has the agency’s best speaker voice.

Temperamental half-Sicilian with a predilection for good wines.

Zakarias Persson
Web Developer / Programmer
[email protected]

Zacke is a programmer and has worked with web since the turn of the millennium. He has also worked with IT support at Luleå University of Technology.

Zacke is also a certified zumba instructor and sometimes performs in medieval clothes when the association Frostheim has a meeting.

Ann-Christin Flodström
[email protected]

Anki is Yours inhouse economist with extensive experience from Luleå University of Technology and several auditing firms.

When she’s not keeping track of the agency’s numbers, she likes to spend her time at her summer house or in nature, preferably with her running shoes on.
Should she end up on a desert island, she would make sure to bring a bag of Cheese Doodles.

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