Graphic Design

Does your company need a new logo, profile and fonts? Or do you dream of publishing a brand new magazine? Does the annual report need a new look, or is it time to produce material for the upcoming event? We’ll help you tell your story - in whatever form is relevant for you.

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Visual Identity

When we create a new Visual Identity, we review everything from logo to colors and graphical shapes with your company and target audience in mind. The goal is to create a recognizable identity for your company. The profile is then presented in a brandbook, where clear guidelines are given about how the Visual Identity should be implemented. 

Annual Reports

An Annual Report doesn’t have to be just a report. It’s also a valuable opportunity to tell the story about your company and how your actions in the previous year aligns with your overall purpose and goals. 


When you have a story to tell, a Magazine can convey all the different sides of your narrative in one beautifully designed package. Here are some examples of magazines we have created.

More graphic design cases

Graphic design is just one of our services.

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